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The Rise Of The PVR: Painfully Slow. New Technology Adoption Is Slow

Never be fooled. Things always take a lot longer to change than you think they will – particularly where the mass adoption of a new technology is concerned. The PVR lesson When I started writing about TiVo back in 2001, I saw “PVR’s are a vital piece in the jigsaw.”

16-24 Year Olds Still Obsessed With TV, Despite PVRs

Just when you think that there’s hope for humanity, that mankind has escaped the slavery that is television, a survey turns up that tells you the complete opposite. Published today, a study of 2,00 UK digital TV viewers reports that some of the supposedly tech savvy generation Y (16-24 year olds) are still choosing watching [...]

Pace Get 2nd Gen BT Vision Box Deal

Pace, UK-based creators of digital TV products, has won a new contract to supply BT with their next-generation V-box, for use on the BT Vision service. Previously Philips supplied the V-box (that runs the Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV middleware) but following Pace’s purchase of Philips Set Top Box (STB) division, it’s natural — but we imagine [...]

Archos Portation: Product Run Through: Audio

While we were at the Archos launch in London last week we had a run through of the Archos Portation. It’s a free plugin for owners of the Archos TV+ which lets you stream live TV from your TV+ to a laptop, Symbian phone or handheld Archo 605 or 705 with DVR station if they’re [...]

Archos TV Plus Review-ette

Archos today showed their TV product in London to a room full of eager journalists.

Babel TV Launches (Podcast)

We toodled along to the launch of Babel TV, a new TV/ PVR/ Internet/ Computing device, earlier this week. Sadly we have to use that long, awkward description because, as yet, no one’s come up with a snappy term to match its wide range of functions.

Whitehaven Switchover: Currys Mobile Shop Trial

As you’re aware there’s lot of new things being tried out in Whitehaven for the UK’s first analogue/digital switch over. One that electrical retailer Currys is trying out is a showroom/shop that can be driven to remote areas giving those who are miles away from a shop, or who aren’t that mobile. It’s a pretty [...]

SlingPlayer Mobile For S60 Symbian Phones

Those who have Nokia Nseries and Eseries phones will be able to buy software, SlingPlayer, to play the video content from their homes to the handsets, wherever they are, from their Sling Boxes. Quick resume on Sling Box: plug one into your TV at home and any programmes that you can watch can be viewed [...]

Sky+ Subscription Charge Ending

Sky has made the decision to scrap the subscription charge for the Sky+ PVR service starting 1 July 2007. Since its inception in 2001, Sky has been charging users of the Sky+ service £10 per month to keep using it, this includes receiving the EPG information, required to drive the service.

Pace Celebrate 25 Years In Business

Hurrah for Pace. Our favourite UK Set Top Box manufacturer is celebrating their 25th birthday this year.