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Motorola S9 Review: Stereo Bluetooth Headset pt 2 (Score 72%)

This is the second part of the review. Yesterday we introduced the Motorola S9 review of the wireless headphones and covered the remote media controls. Use as a phone headset Pressing the call button when you’re listening to music automatically pauses the track and any voice-dialling commands that you utter are passed over to the [...]

Motorola S9 Review: Stereo Bluetooth Headset

We’ve been using the S9 stereo bluetooth headset from Motorola for quite a long time now. The concept behind them is intriguing – being able to enjoy music without having to deal with the wires that normally get caught up between headphones and the music player – but they’re more than that. You can step [...]

Harmony 785 Advanced Universal Remote: Review (87%)

If you keep on losing remotes down the back of your sofa, the Logitech may be for you.

Nintendo Wii Fit Coming To UK. Get Queuing

Innovative workout balance board for the Wii is coming to the UK.

Traktor Scratch Grandmaster Flash Signature Edition

Grandmaster Flash, godfather of scratching has been brought in to tell the world how great he thinks Traktor Scratch is. For those of you who aren’t aware, it’s a system that lets you control you digital music files using vinyl, giving you all of the function of decks, with the flexibility of a huge digitised [...]

Wiinstrument: Wii Drumming On Mac: Video & Podcast

We’ve all see Wii-motes being used for all sort of strange purposes, well this one is useful. A bunch of students at University of Potsdam, Germany have written a programme that lets you use your Wiimote and nunchuck to trigger sounds, such as drums and cymbals on a Mac. It’s not just drums that can [...]

Smokin’: Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel Get Microsoft Fix

Microsoft make a precautionary move, after reports of mains powered wheels smoking.

X-pointer Bigs Up The Bling Factor

Ludicrous gold plated wireless mouse/pointer for the attention-needy.

One For All Kameleon 8 Universal Remote Control Review (50%)

This flash remote looks like it should be in the hands of Captain Kirk, but is it any good?

The World’s Most Expensive Mouse Mat?

A Formula 1-branded carbon mouse mat can be yours for just £260. How much !?!?!