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NXP: Dual View Screen For Car Use

In a world where increasingly people have to watch a flickering screen to be entertained, it’s not surprising that screen in cars has been a big success. For parents it’s a great way to keep their children quite while they travel to their destination. Heaven forbid that they talk to each other. That aside, Digital-Lifestyles [...]

BMW: Flexible Skin On The Z8: The Future?: Video

BMW are thinking differently about cars. They’ve been busying themselves for the last six years with an under wraps project called GINA – “Geometry and functions In ‘N’ Adaptions.”

Brake Lights Gain Intelligence

The invention of the brake light on the car was arguably the most important addition to the safety of driving, probably trailed by the availability of ABS. Somehow, perhaps because brake lights are so important, there’s been no significant advance in their development, beyond changing the bulbs to a brighter version.

NXP: Shaping The Future Of Digital Media: Podcast: IFA

If you want to know where consumer electronics are moving, there’s no better place to find out than via the people that make the chips that will power these devices. One that came into being last year that really impressed us last year at IFA was NXP, a spin-off from Philips, essentially what used to [...]

GetMeThere: Pay As You Go Mobile GPS Launches in UK launches novel mobile satellite navigation solution.

Nokia And Wayfinder Introduces 6630 GPS Package

Perambulating phone freaks need never get lost again with Nokia’s GPS package.

A780/ MPx220, Motorola Phones Bundle GPS Navigation App

Motorola adds GPS navigation hardware and software bundles to its A780 and MPx220 smart phones.

SIRIUS to Satellite Children’s TV to Cars

SIRIUS to expand their offering with TV delivered via satellite to the back seat of US cars … and beyond. The ideal child sedative?

Sony Launches Three Linux-based Car Navigation/Infotainment Systems

The NV-XYZ 33, 55 and 77 feature 3D map navigation that makes driving through Tokyo remarkably like playing Crazy Taxi. With adverts.

Daimler-Chrysler US to Install Satellite Radio in over 500k Cars

The SIRIUS digital satellite radio system will be coming to many new Daimler-Chrysler cars in 2005.