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Metcheck Goes Bonkers And Predicts Total Disaster For London

We don’t mean to alarm you here, but according to leading weather forecasting site Metcheck, there’s some rather extreme weather ahead for UK citizens. Visiting their site and typing in ‘London’ and then clicking on the weather for Friday brings up a weather forecast so fearsome, nay Biblical, that we expect to see wild panic [...]

AMEE, Carbon Footprint Calculator, Raises ‘Substantial’ Funding (UPDATED)

AMEE, a company that provides Internet-based calculation and storage of the carbon footprints, has received ‘substantial’ Series A funding from O’Reilly Alphatech Ventures (OATV), Union Square Ventures (USV) and The Accelerator Group (TAG).

Gavin Starks AMEE Interview: Monitor The World’s Energy Usage (Podcast)

When you hear of the vision behind AMEE — The Avoiding Mass Extinction Engine — you’ll know that this project is both hugely ambitious and is serious about helping us all change the way we lead our everyday lives. The vision? To aggregate all of the energy consumption data on earth. It doesn’t stop there. [...]

Current Cost: Review: Electricity Usage Monitor: Installation (95%) (Video)

It’s Energy Saving Week, so it’s highly applicable that we bring you a device that will help you monitor your energy usage – and through being aware of how much power you’re using, lower the amount you use. CurrentCost is one such device. The video below shows what happened when we received the Current Cost [...]

Pace DC50X Wins First New Energy Star Program Award

Pace, UK suppliers of digital TV products, have become the first company to receive an award under the new Energy Star Program. Energy Star is voluntary, market-based partnership to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency.

UK IT Usage Rivals Airlines In Carbon Emissions

There’s been many stories in the newspapers about how bad the aviation sector is at producing emissions harmful to the environment. A survey carried about by Global Action Plan, an environmental charity, has indicated that the IT sector in the UK has a similar carbon footprint to the aviation industry. As the usage of computing [...] Sells To Discovery

The all-things-eco Website, Treehugger, has sold to US TV network Discovery. Treehugger and it’s UGC site,, will fit into Discovery’s initiative called Planet Green, which has committed over $50m to spread the Green message, including the aim to introduce the first 24Hr Green TV Channel.

Briony Greenhill: The Nag Launch: Podcast

Listen to Briony Greenhill explain The Nag and what they hope to achieve with it.

Nokia Adds Energy Saving Alerts

Environmental stories feel like buses today – you don’t hear about one for ages, then two come along at once. Nokia has now discovered the joys of energy saving, something they need to do as removing mobile phone chargers from the wall socket, is oft sighted as a simple thing that everyone can do to [...]

The Nag: Change The World One Click At A Time

We sit down with Briony Greenhill to get the low down on the thinking behind The Nag and hear how easy it might be to change your world.