Takeaway Festival: DIY Media Next Week

Takeaway Festival: DIY Media Next WeekNext week is the second annual Takeaway Festival at the Dana Centre at the Science Museum in London.

The event organisers at the Science Museum have a natty skill of organising some great events, so we’re hoping this one will be up to their normally high standards.

It’s a three day event (9-11 May) which sounds like it could just about start a revolution. They’ll “explore how emerging technologies are transforming creative possibilities, social structures and communication networks.”

By the structure of it doesn’t sound like it will give you a chance to get bored – even if you wanted to.

There loads of DIY workshops on during the day, starting at a very sensible 11am. The DIY Expos, which sound/look really interesting run from 11:30 until 9pm.

On Wednesday and Thursday evenings there will be a series of 15 minute talks by new media artists using emerging technologies.

Takeaway Festival: DIY Media Next WeekAmong the name checks are Jasia Reichardt and Matt Hanson, a film futurist, who will talk about Swarm of Angels, an ongoing new type of participative cinema.

To top off the day, there’s going to be New media art performances, so you go home buzzing.

The name of the one on Wednesday has to be seen to be believed – Social Surrealistic Psychotic Performance Poetry of the crazy Grazy Noel.

Thursday evening gives you Slub (that we all know means, to draw out and twist (a strand of silk or other textile fibre) in preparation for spinning). They’re three computer programmers from London, who improvise music by writing software with dynamic languages in handmade development environments. Which _could_ be really interesting.

There is tons and tons of stuff to do there and get involved with, far too much for us to detail, so it’s best to have a looks over their site.

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