Why Skype SMS Offer Doesn’t Include The UK

Why SKype SMS Offer Doesn't Include The UKWe put out a NIB (News in Brief) earlier today about Skype offering half price SMS’s.

It struck us that dear old Blighty (UK) _wasn’t_ included in the list of countries that people could half price SMS to.

Jeepers, Creepers, what’s going on, went the cry!

We got in touch with those who know (Skype-types) and after a short pause came the confirmation that, yes, the UK wasn’t included.

The reason?

“We’re looking at all markets and have started with those that we think will take advantage of the promotion the fastest. Everything is evolutionary at Skype – we rely on early adopter/usage feedback to make sure we get it right for other countries yet to benefit from the promotion.”

Doesn’t make a great deal of sense given the UK’s global reputation of madly texting at every opportunity.

Clearly Skype had to say something and while this might be the official reason, we wondered if it was something to do with the famously-inflexible UK mobile companies, and their unwillingness to show love (or enough of a discount) to dear Skype?