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Macbook Air Sucks! Video: Knifing or Conniving? Real Or Advertising?

Are we to believe that the videos that we see online are not attempts at advertising?

Samsung HD Phone Attempts Viral Video

Samsung try and push a video to make it go viral.

Canon 5D Mark II dSLR: HD Video Is Stunning (Videos)

We’ve been salivating over the Canon 5D Mark II dSLR since details started leaking about it. Now we’re starting to see the quality of video it’s capturing, we’re in overdrive.

Current Cost: Review: Electricity Usage Monitor: Installation (95%) (Video)

It’s Energy Saving Week, so it’s highly applicable that we bring you a device that will help you monitor your energy usage – and through being aware of how much power you’re using, lower the amount you use. CurrentCost is one such device. The video below shows what happened when we received the Current Cost [...]

Lisa Nova Plays A Twitter Whore

Lisa Nova is well known on YouTube as making amusing videos where she either plays a character or makes a joke of other people, at their expense. Her latest target Twitter, or rather Twitter users.

Sales Guy vs Tech Guy: Brilliant Video

If you’ve ever had contact with a Tech support person or indeed, are in Tech support yourself, you are going to _love_ this video. Josh Weinberg and his team, have written and put together a video, through the eyes of a computer screen, a view of how some tech people work.

Chengdu Earthquake: More Citizen Video: Devastation And Flight on Motorbike

Further to our pieces on normal people taking photos and videos of the actual earthquake in Chengdu and it effects, we’re grateful to Garth who sent us this video.

Vista Is Rubbish! (Comic Video)

Yes, we got hold of Vista as soon as it came out, and yes we removed it just as quickly as we installed it because it was RUBBISH. Given this, you can imagine that given this horrible experience – not unique to us – we find anything funny that take the mickey out of Microsoft [...]

Counter Strike Rhythm Mashup Track: Video

As you know, we love the mashup. We’ve just stumbled across a great track/video that’s been created using the shooting sound effects from the video game Counter strike. You won’t be surprised to hear that it’s a track dominated by rhythm.

Treo Film Festival Wants Your Mobile Movies

Mobile Comedy Film Festival aims to “celebrate the emerging art of made-for-mobile films.”