Sales Guy vs Tech Guy: Brilliant Video

Sales Guy vs Tech Guy: Brilliant VideoIf you’ve ever had contact with a Tech support person or indeed, are in Tech support yourself, you are going to _love_ this video.

Josh Weinberg and his team, have written and put together a video, through the eyes of a computer screen, a view of how some tech people work.

It starts with seeing them blasting away on Halo, when some pesky user calls up with a problem. Of course what they say is inexact, leading to confusions and further complications.

During the mess that ensues the tech is all over the servers and everyone’s machines fiddling with things to make his life much easier – with the required snatches of Halo in the seconds in between.

There’s some classic dialogue in there too like …

Sales Guy: I rebooted my PC.
Tech Guy: How many times did you reboot it?
Sales Guy: Three times, like you told me.

We could embed the video, but think that the people behind it deserve the traffic.

Watch TheWebSiteIsDown, you’ll love it. Credits.