Highest Popping Toaster: Exclusive Video And Slow Mo Of World Record

Highest Popping Toaster: Exclusive Video And Slow Mo Of RecordYou may have heard about the Highest Popping toaster in the world and the intention to get it into the record books.

We were at the RCA yesterday when the devices creator, Freddie Yauner, 26, launched himself (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun) into the Guinness Book of Records with his bonkers over-powered toaster.

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$2 Multi-touch Screen: Video

Many thanks to megamani, a new subscriber to our YouTube channel, who pointed us to a video of a $2 multitouch screen.

Much was made of the Microsoft multi-touch table when it first came out, well, with a plastic bag, some blue dye and water – and a bit of trickery, some clever wag has created the same effect.

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£25,000 Winnings For Getting To 100

£25,000 Winnings For Getting To 100In this decimal-obsessed society that we live in, there is a general amazement when someone reaches 100 years old.

Mr Alec Holden from Epsom, Surrey clearly understood this when he placed a £10 bet ten years ago with UK bookie William Hill that he would survive a century.

Today he’s celebrating his 100th birthday, a letter from the Queen and his £25,000 winnings.

His view on the recipe for success? Porridge for breakfast, don’t worry about anything, do as little work as possible and keep breathing!

Alec keeps his mind active by playing chess against his computer everyday and also runs a chess club.

Listening to him on Today on Radio 4 this morning he sounded bright and sprightly taking a very positive view of his age saying that he’s looking forward to “starting off again at 100.”

Although William Hill is down £25,000, they’ll be making saving all of the advertising that they’ll be getting from this story.

Interesting to hear from them that they are no longer take bets of getting to 100, but are pushing out the year out to 110.