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Top Google Three Committed for 20 Years

The three top people at Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin and CEO Eric Schmidt have admitted to a 20 year pact to each other and the company.

Mobile Broadband Contract Gives Free Laptop

We’re all aware of how many inducements there are around these days to get you to take up broadband, but here’s a new one to us. Giant UK computer retailer, PC World, is offering a free laptop (or £350 towards one of their approved ten) to anyone who signs up through them for an 18-month [...]

Pirate Bay: Copyright Charges Faced By Its Operators: UPDATED

Charges of preparing and participating in copyright infringement have been filed against the four individuals who invested in and operate The Pirate Bay, a well known file sharing site based in Sweden.

PANIC! Tax Self Assessment Site Unavailable

For those UK tax payers who haven’t filed their Self Assessment tax return before today’s deadline, looks like you’re going to have a pretty stressful day.

Asus Eee: Review

Our reviewer plays about with his new bargain basement laptop.

Wired Follows Oobject On Apple Failures

Wired have a feature about failed Apple products called “Learning From Failure: Apple’s Most Notorious Flops.” They’ve picked eight items Newton, Lisa, etc … including ones we’d never heard of, like The TAM (Twentieth Anniversary Mac). If you’re getting a feeling of deja vu with all of this “Apple make mistakes” idea … you could [...]

Nikon Announces D60 10MP dSLR

Budget dSLR packs a 10MP sensor and in-camera retouching.

Amazon Guns For iTunes As Music Store Goes International

Retail giants to roll out their Amazon MP3 service/

Online Shopping: 85% Of Global Web Users Whipping Out Their Wallets

New figures show online shopping skyrocketing.

8m Brits Listen To Online Radio Every Week

Podcasts and online radio broadcasts continue to grow in popularity.