Mobile Broadband Contract Gives Free Laptop

Mobile Broadband Contract Gives Free LaptopWe’re all aware of how many inducements there are around these days to get you to take up broadband, but here’s a new one to us.

Giant UK computer retailer, PC World, is offering a free laptop (or £350 towards one of their approved ten) to anyone who signs up through them for an 18-month 3G data contract with 3.

An example of a free laptop available under the scheme is an Advent 9912 (pictured), a Intel Celeron C530, 1GB RAM, 80GB drive laptop.

With the Mobile Broadband package you’ll get a USB-dongle modem with the ability to download at up to 2.8Mbps (YMMV).

The £35 mobile data service from 3 includes up to 3GB of downloads per month.

Asus Eee: Review

Asus Eee: ReviewWell, spent the day getting the reduced Windows install to go down pat, and it works (largely) like a dream – and it’s certainly faster than some full size lappies I know.

The keyboard though, being so small is a bit of a drawback for those that touch-type. It’s just so small! And the decision to make the right hand shift key the same size as a normal one, and position it to the left of the up cursor key is a killer, I’m constantly shifting up a line instead of shifting for caps.
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Wired Follows Oobject On Apple Failures

Wired Follows Oobject On Apple FailuresWired have a feature about failed Apple products called “Learning From Failure: Apple’s Most Notorious Flops.”

They’ve picked eight items Newton, Lisa, etc … including ones we’d never heard of, like The TAM (Twentieth Anniversary Mac).

If you’re getting a feeling of deja vu with all of this “Apple make mistakes” idea … you could well have in minds the collection of 19 items that Oobject had, “All time worst Apple products,” – a mere two months ago.

Good to see that there’s still re-cycling of Apple products … or ideas at least.

(We’ve been meaning to tell you about Oobject for ages … and with the time we’ve spent on it again today, looking around its various pages, it’s served as a reminder of how that article needs to be higher on our list).

Nikon Announces D60 10MP dSLR

Nikon Announces D60 10MP dSLRNikon have added the new D60 digital SLR camera to their range, boasting a 10.2 megapixel CCD sensor, backed by Nikon’s advanced 3-D Colour Matrix Metering II and their ‘digital image processing concept’, EXPEED.

Sharing a similar small form factor to the D40, the D60 offers the usual auto/scene modes, with an In-camera Retouch Menu offering D-lighting, Red-eye correction, Image Trim and, err, adjustable cross-screen star effects.
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Online Shopping: 85% Of Global Web Users Whipping Out Their Wallets

85% Of Global Web Users Whipping Out Their WalletsThe whole blinkin’ world is going online shopping crazy, with more than 85 per cent of the planet’s online population using the Internet on to make a purchase.

The figures – which reflect a 40 per cent increase in the market over the past two years – were revealed in the latest Nielsen Global Online Survey on Internet shopping habits.
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8m Brits Listen To Online Radio Every Week

8m Brits Listen To Online Radio Every WeekThe thought of having adverts pumping in our ears mid-podcast gives us the trouser shakes, but apparently more than half of our fellow Brits (58%) would be quite happy downloading advertising-funded podcasts.

The figures come from Rajar (Radio Joint Audience Research), the official body in charge of measuring radio audiences in the UK, jointly owned by the BBC and the RadioCentre on behalf of the commercial sector.
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