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Virgin Launches UK Music Service This Week

Another day, another new digital music service launch as the beardy one announces Virgin’s offering.

Samsung Unleash A Monster 19″ Notebook

Hang on to your hernias – Samsung have released a beast of a laptop.

Apple’s iPhone Coming Soon?

Is it an iPod? Is it a Motorola phone? Nope, it’s the iPhone. At long bleedin’ last.

EV5203-C: Thomson’s Linux VoIP DECT phone: IFA

Get ready for the rush as big companies acknowledge VoIP and start bringing out ‘normal’ phone handsets that don’t need a PC to function.

Games Market Europe

Games Market Europe marks the advent of a new era in the European business. The event has been designed to get to the heart of the video and computer games industry, with a focus on a controlled environment in which people can actually network and do business.

John Birt – Current EPGs To Become ‘Antediluvian’

Lord Birt, ex-Director General of the BBC, tells an audience of TV execs at the Edinburgh TV Festival that current EPGs don’t cut the mustard.

News Roundup: Hamster Powered Mobile; US Kids SMS

Hamster helps UK lad with GCSEs, whilst US kids buy mobiles just for texting.

NDS To Protect Content On Mobile TV And DAB With Frontier Silicon

NDS have their mVideoGuard DRM technology burnt into silicon by Frontier Silicon to protect T-DMB, DVB-H and DAB content.

Blokes More Stupid Online

Research reveals that men are more susceptible to online scams, spam and viruses.

Bluetooth Billboards To Bother Bystanders

BlueCasting system looks set to blast pedestrians with requests to download billboard-related advertising.