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Teleport, TV-on-Demand Service Launched By Telewest Broadband

Cable colossi churn out TV on demand service with DVD-like controls.

Quake, Etch A Sketch And Da Yoot On Mobiles And Bluetooth Security – Newsround

Mobile Quake, Bluetooth security, Etch a Sketch returns and Youth Mobile stats.

Motorola Buy Ashes Of Sendo: Analysis

Sendo’s first life was all too short, ending yesterday. Motorola acted very quickly to let its ideas flourish. Guy Kewney digs deeper.

MSN IM To Vodafone Handsets

Two giants come together, bringing their 150m+ user bases to the PC IM to mobile messaging party. If you’re planning to use it, you’ll be paying for the privilege.

BT Gets Botty Smacked By ASA Over ‘Free Calls’ Claims

ASA rules that BT Communicator VoIP calls are not ‘free’.

Google Adds New Personalised Search Features

Google boffins cook up a new version of the personalised search feature in their public labs.

Handango Announces the Champion Award Winners for 2005

Mobile download site dishes out the awards to best-of-breed programs.

Wanadoo Turns Orange

Repetitive Rebranding Syndrome whacks Wanadoo out of existence.

MGM vs Grokster Copyright Case Reviewed

Having started in 2001, and having passed through case and appeal, the US Supreme Court yesterday ruled that companies can be held liable if their products are used to infringe copyright. We review the history of this case and survey its impact.

VeeStream Enables “i-Pod-Like 3G Music Video Service”

New 3 service enables mobile audio and video streaming for perambulating Scandinavians.