Netflix On Xbox 360 Exclusively: Analysis

Netflix On Xbox 360 ExclusivelyNetflix and Microsoft have signed a deal to stream films and TV programmes to the Xbox 360.

Starting in the autumn, over 10,000 films and TV episodes available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers who are Netflix subscribers, all for no additional cost.

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Flickr/Getty Deal: Analysis

Flickr/Getty Deal: AnalysisThe deal between Getty and Flickr, which exclusively gives Getty the right to pick the best images from Flickr and sell them via to their customers in the creative, commercial and editorial industries — they call it the ‘first commercial licensing opportunity for photo-enthusiasts in the Flickr community’ — is, in many ways, inevitable.

Getty have caused a considerable amount of heart ache to professional photographers by re-adjusting their rates and contracts for images in their commercial library.

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YouTube Screening Room: ‘Serious’ Content For YouTube

YouTube Screening Room: 'Serious' Content For YouTubeYouTube Screening Room has officially been released following a couple of rumours knocking around about it.

YouTube’s stated intention is that they want to give the opportunity to the “tens of thousands of films” that are produced every year to be seen by a wider audience.

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Radiohead Pay-What-You-Want Album, A ‘One Off’

Radiohead Pay-What-You-Want Album, A 'One Off'Thom Yorke has said that the ‘In rainbows’ album that surprised the world — and frankly gave them a near incalculable amount of free publicity — was a ‘one off.’

Yorke went on to say “I think it was a one-off response to a particular situation,” which we read as, our contract came to an end with our record label, we needed to get some pretty big attention and it worked. Now everyone in the world has re-remembered who we are, we’ll go back to the old model of selling records to people.

There’s been various reports of how many people paid for ‘In Rainbows’, varying between a third and how Italy had 75% pay for it.

Yorke went on “We are about that direct relationship (now) because we are big enough to establish that.”

Enough said.


Warner Drop DRM On 7Digital

Warner Drop DRM On 7DigitalWarner Music is making its music catalogue available on music service 7digital in MP3 format, without no content protection.

Having a peruse of the 7digial site, we see that they’re also banging out albums for £5/€6.99 — for a limited period — which for a track-filled album like Hatful of Hollow by the Smiths can be had for 31p per track against the 79p normally paid.

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Do 97% Of The UK Intend To Xmas Shop Online?

Do 97% Of The UK Intend To Xmas Shop Online?A recent survey has reported that 97 per cent of those who responded intended to do a ‘substantial proportion’ of their Christmas shopping online.

Having written about online activity for more years that we care to remember – six, as you’re asking – we know that there’s been a thirst for online shopping growing, the benefits are clear, generally lower prices and convenience being the most obvious.
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