Audio Network Music ‘Blanket License’ Wins Tiscali Deal

Tiscali Sign Audio Network Music DealAudio Network, a rights-cleared music library, has announced a deal with Tiscali, enabling the use of their 12,000+ music tracks to be used on Tiscali’s AV productions that will be distributed over their network.

We chatted to Juliette Squair, Business Development Director of Audio Network, where she outlined why Audio Network was different, “We’re a different from the majority of the rest of the music library business. We own all of the rights, giving us the opportunity to grant blanket licenses to companies, so they can use the material globally.”

This clearly would be something that would appeal to Tiscali, given its Internet distribution.

Squair explained how their business model was so appealing, “As we’re outside the MCPS, our tracks are not stuck to the MCPS rate card, which is a big appeal for our customers.”

Audio Network represent over a hundred composers, which are also shareholders in the business – hence the name Audio Network – a network of composers.

Different biz model – Makes sense
Given the way the media is going — globally distributed — enabling companies to not to have to clear each and every track that they want to use when they are creating their own content makes total sense.

Just by having a more free licensing model could alone explain why Squair tells us that this five year old company growth is “exploding.”

I wonder if the rest of the more general music industry is listening to this?

Tiscali Sign Audio Network Music DealContent creation at Tiscali
This could well signal a ramping up by Tiscali in the production of their own content. Not only do they own their own means of distribution via an IP network (obviously, they are an ISP), but since they took over IPTV pioneer, HomeChoice back in Aug 2006, they’ve got an infinite number of TV ‘channels’ that they can fill.

It will be interesting to see how far they go down that path, content creation as a non-core business has been the ruin of many a company in the past.

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