Workbook Controls Company Facebook Use

Workbook Controls Company Facebook UseWe’ve heard of many companies cutting off people’s access to Facebook and other social networks – primary reason? Just too much time spent on them – frittered in the eyes of the company

Companies, being companies, also have other concerns, like their confidential data flying out of the company via postings to Facebook.

Concerned companies may be grateful to hear about WorkLight, who describe themselves as an Enterprise 2.0 Company, a new form of description to us.

They’ve have launched a new product, Workbook, in the UK.

Essentially it’s a way for employees to continue to use Facebook — retaining the Facebook look and feel — while limiting their usage, or indeed, who within the organisation can use it.

When corporate information that is posted to Facebook, the access to it is strictly limited to company employees only.

Apps like this are trying to find a happy medium (in corporate terms) between completely banning the use of Social network and give free access.

It is, in our minds, just another step towards people realising what horrible places companies are to spend the majority of your day. Frankly, when you accept their pay, you time is owned by the company that pays your wages.

Depending how much they’re paying and how much control they exert over you, will lead you to be happy with that situation or not.

Worklight Workbook

One thought on “Workbook Controls Company Facebook Use”

  1. Hi Simon,

    You touch on a fundamental point here – how should companies approach social networks? Well, I would have to correct you, as we here at WorkLight believe that the “suits” should embrace the groundswell and not limit access or usage.

    WorkBook is a way to leverage these networks at work, securely. Content generated through WorkBook is employee-driven. The idea behind the app is that since many employees are already using the social utility, companies should embrace it and not ban access.

    So for example, an employee at a VoIP company who liked your recent Skype post can post it to his or her WorkBook newsfeed, initiate a Q&A or seek out relevant expertise inside the company.

    The app does not interfere with your daily Facebook activities or applications, and resides behind the corporate firewall.

    WorkBook is about adding more capabilities to the Facebook toolbox, and so every employee in the company who is on the social network can collaborate with peers on work-related issues, securely.

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