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Google Android Upgrade (1.5) Floated: SDK Released

Google get the world ready for their next release of Android – 1.5.

WordPress 2.6: Upgrade Causes Broken Categories: Fix Here

We’ve been users of WordPress for many years and are huge fans of the free-to-use publishing platform. Yesterday was the first time that we’ve hit a major problem with it – and it was a significant one. Background We use it on many of our publications including VentnorBlog, that covers Isle of Wight News.

Microsoft Releases Windows XP SP3 To Manufacturing

Final service pack update scheduled for the end of May

HP 2133 Mini-Note PC Goes After The Eee

Bargain basement ultraportable guns for the Eee’s rising sales.

Apple iPhone OS 2.0 and SDK Frenzy

The hype around Apple — this time it’s the iPhone — continues unabated. Yesterday, the world’s technology press fell at the knees of the altar of The Steve, as he gave … get ready for it … a _preview_ of version 2.0 of the iPhone OS. Yes … that’s right, not a release, but a [...]