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MyFootballClub Announces Team They’re Buying

The UK football club that is being bought by Web site, MyFootballClub has been announced today. MyFootballClub (MyFC) is a revolutionary Web-based idea that will see the decisions of the management of the club – transfers, player selection and all major decisions – carried out by the paid-up members of the site – perhaps one [...]

Virgin Media lose 40k Subs But Changes Ahoy

The latest results results from Virgin Media, Q2 2007, show that they’ve lost 40,000 cable TV subscribers. The most likely reasons – the loss of Sky TV programming, following their spat with Sky. To rub salt into the wounds, Sky gain 90,000 TV customer over the same period.

24-7 Football: Sky Offer To Mobile UK

As we’re not fans of football, we’re constantly amazed at how keen people are to watch the game that involves people kicking a pig’s bladder around an oblong section of grass. Ho, Hmm. Never one to not take the opportunity of cramming more football into people lives, Sky TV has teamed up with a load [...]

Virgin Media Sign Mobile/Broadband UK Football Deal

Virgin Media ‘do a Sky’ and sign up sports rights for the mobile and broadband services.