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Pigeon Enabled Internet Faster Than ADSL

With all the talk of WiMax and Ultra Wide Band being the future of high speed wireless communications, a gaggle of Israeli geeks take a more natural approach.

Sony PSP Review: PlayStation Portable – Not Just Games

Sony have produced a portable games console which on its own merit is going to sell a lot of units.

Toshiba Quantum Key Server To Secure Video

Toshiba adds quantum cryptography to the transmission of Video and Voice over IP (VoIP) to secure content.

Sony RDR-GXD500 Review: DVD Recorder With Freeview

Banish component clutter and spaghetti wiring with Sony’s excellent digital TV-enabled DVD recorder.

Yahoo’s My Web Upgrades Personal Search Tools

Yahoo bolts on more features to its “My Web” service, claiming to be “better than bookmarks”.

BT Rich Media And Sportfive To Stream WorldCup Qualifiers

BT Rich Media and Sportfive make 2006 Football WorldCup qualifiers available through the Internet.

Treo 650 Smartphone: UK PalmOne Launch

The long awaited and long overdue Treo 650 is ‘formally launched’ in the UK. Kinda-Sorta.

Nokia N91, N90, N70: Nseries Mobile Multimedia Handsets

Nokia looks to take on the mighty iPod with their latest “Nseries” multimedia handsets, including the N91 with a 4Gb drive on-board.

Longhorn For Christmas 2006 Promises Microsoft

It’s taking longer than an arthritic sloth to arrive, but Microsoft promises a late 2006 release for its next big release of Windows, Longhorn OS.

Real Rhapsody: To Go And Free Service Added

Real gets chumsy with Microsoft and targets iTunes and Napster with three new versions of Rhapsody including a To Go service for portable players.