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pSSD: SanDisk Moving To SSD For Low-cost Laptops

Solid State Drives (SSD) have been discussed for a long time in the industry and the release of the MacBook Air raised it into the minds of the general public, as there was an option to have one instead of the more normal hard drive.

Asus Eee Laptops: Touchscreen And ‘Possible GPS Support’

Asustek continue to keep up the pace as it continues to develop its big selling range of cheapo, pint sized laptops. According to Digi Times, the company are about to release their second generation Eee PC lineup, with new laptops featuring touchscreen panels and maybe built in GPS.

Toshiba 128GB Solid State Drives On The Way

There’s been some discussion over the last year or so about Solid State Drives (SSD) becoming a serious competitor to ‘normal’, moving hard drives. One of the barriers to serious and wide uptake has been the relatively limited capacity of the SSDs.