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Wikitude: Philipp Breuss And The Story Behind The Software

After having seen the highly impressive demonstration of Wikitude, we just had to find out more, so Digital-Lifestyles spoke to Philipp Breuss, who has lead the development of Wikitude. Philipp previously worked for Sony but gave this up to make the development of the Wikitude software which he describes as “the most exciting things that [...]

Fire Eagle, Yahoo’s Location Service Finally Launches

Yahoo has finally released Fire Eagle, their much-discussed location service. Bloggers have been banging on about it for ages, which became all the more heightened after it was shown to the delegates by Tom Coates at eTech in March.

Baran Tigrel: Pro Self: RCA 2007

Give yourself that extra bit of impetus to train harder with a virtual opponent in your ears.

Plazes Launches Out Of Beta

Mark your position around the globe and let people know what you’re up to with the newly released version of Plazes.