Baran Tigrel: Pro Self: RCA 2007

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Baran Tigrel: Pro Self: RCA 2007A headphone-style set that allows you to compare your sporting progress with a virtual competitor.

Many sports are possible, but let’s use running as an example. You and a friend decide on a running route, each time you run it, the relative position of your friends previous time is relayed into your ears, “He’s way ahead of you,” or “You’re neck and neck,” etc.

With a virtual competitor you are encouraged to push yourself further, thus improving your training.

The headphones have GPS built in to monitor positions.

Baran Tigrel: Pro Self: RCA 2007
Rival runners can be downloaded and electronically distributed to others.

Despite a lot of technology involved, the ‘interface’ is a couple of simple dials – removing the technology from the user.

Baran Tigrel

We’re trying a new format with these RCA pieces. Rather than have text dominated reporting, we’re going to have the audio and picture do the speaking. Let us know what you think of the new approach.