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Google To Buy Up Digg?

Rumours abound that the search giant is set to snap up Digg for $200m.

Palm European Release – “Not The Centro”

Blimey. Palm have managed to confound us again. First founder Jeff Hawkins decides to ditch the ‘smartphone companion’ Foleo only a few months after declaring it to his bestest idea evah in the whole world, and now his outfit are saying that the new phone being announced next week isn’t going to be the Centro [...]

Are They/ Aren’t They? – Pixar/Disney

Weeks of speculation and The Telegraph jumping the gun all raise the interest in Disney buying Pixar.

eBay To Buy Skype? $5Bn Alleged

Rumours fly that the Internet telephony titans Skype are about to be scooped up by eBay, with figures up to $5 Bn being bandied about.

Nokia N91 with iTunes – Yes/No

Any news about Apple’s iTunes grabs headlines. Today the focus has been on Nokia and their N91.

Apple/TiVo Bid Rumours Considered

But would a tie up between the digital video recorder company and the iPod maker make sense?

JFK Reloaded Described as ‘Despicable’

A game offers an incentive of up to $100,000 for accurately recreating the three shots made by killer.

Apple’s Colour Screen iPod by Christmas

The web lights up with new fourth-generation iPod rumours.

Five May Buy Flextech

Jane Lightning, chief executive of UK channel Five makes a coy reference to buying Telewest’s Flextech.