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Getting Started With Arduino: Book Review (70%)

If you’re like me, you won’t have heard of Arduino. Outside this sphere of ignorance there’s a whole lot of artists who not only love Arduino, but are passionate about it too. If you’re in the “What the hell is Arduino?”, this book gives you a good guide to what it it and what can [...]

Christmas Guide: Seeking The Perfect High-End Digital Compact Camera (Part Three)

In yesterday’s instalment, we loved the Ricoh, Panasonic and Lumix. Read on for our conclusion today of the best high-end digital compact cameras.

Met Office To Offer Free VOD Weather To Your Mobile

The Met Office, well-know weather forecasters, are to offer a world’s first – a free-of-charge (beyond any of your own mobile data charges), video on-demand weather service to your mobile phone. Access will be via a branded portal (lovely to hear that phrase again :) ), giving access to weather forecasts that will be updated [...]

Amplified 08

I’m on my way to Amplified 08, a new UK event that brings together people who want to actively contribute to the conference/event that they’re going to – Think BarCamp/ unconferenced events. Essential to the event is the lack of hierarchy to the organisation of the event – you don’t have a self-appointed panel of [...]

100 Mbps Internet Coming To European Cable

Cable subscribers in France, Spain, Finland, the Netherlands and Belgium are in for a treat. Cable Europe, the self-described body representing leading Cable operators in Europe, have announced that they will be bring 100 Mbps Broadband services to their customers.

Christmas Guide: Seeking The Perfect High-End Digital Compact Camera (Part Two)

In Part One of our search for the hottest high end digital cameras, we finished by looking for something to beat one of our favourites, the Olympus XA. That camera was the Ricoh GR, which, like the XA, offered a fixed, wide angle lens in a compact package.

Android: Round Up Of The Best Apps For The T-Mobile G1

Great new apps are coming through, despite T-Mobile’s uselessness.

Christmas Guide: Seeking The Perfect High-End Digital Compact Camera (Part One)

Join us in our never ending quest to find the perfect, high end digital compact camera.

See The Power Behind The Browser (Video)

When you’re sitting at home or at work, tapping away in your Web browser, you hardly ever consider where your request queries are being dealth with. Sure they’re runing on a computer _somewhere_ on the Internet, perhaps in a data centre, but do you really know what goes on behind making that machine run?

Mobile Internet Grows Eight Times Faster Than PC Web Use

As smartphones hit the mainstream, mobile use soars.