Archive for March, 2006

Toshiba HD-DVD Player: First Release In Japan

The bell on a further round in the next-gen DVD battle has sounded – Seconds out, round two.

Palm TreoAlarm with Weather Forecast:Review (90%)

Heavy sleepers, road warriors and bedroom meteorologists will love this handy turbo-charged alarm app.

O2 Adds Palm Treo 650 Smarphone To Line Up

Palm’s highly regarded smartphone to be offered by another UK supplier.

Agenda Fusion v7.85 PIM for Pocket PC Review (80%)

Power packed Personal Information Manager for people in chaos. It’s an effort to learn, but worthwhile.

Crazy, Gnarls Barkley; First Electronic-only Chart Number 1?

Those who are interested in the music charts – read children up to 15 and record company people of all ages – are getting very excited about this coming Sunday.

Numark CD Mix 1 DJ Player Review (88%)

Superb CD/mixer for fuss-free spinning of the platters that matter. You’ll be dropping retro (CD) beats in no time.

Orange Get Animalistic

Orange are dumping numbered calling plans in favor of ‘types’ – Dolphins, Canaries, Racoons and Panthers. Mad nonsense or the future?

Mobile Music Download Market Explodes

Ringtones and track downloads prove to be a right little earner for mobile providers.

Takeaway Festival Of Do It Yourself Media

More and more people are transforming themselves from media consumers to producers – using the new tools, software and technologies now at their disposal.

From the expanding realm of free and open source software (FLOSS), to peer-to-peer (P2P) distribution and ‘pervasive’ mobile and locative technologies, the possibilities exist as never before to create and disseminate our opinions and experiences through our own media.

TAKEAWAY, the Festival of do it yourself Media, will help you to understand what it’s all about and how to take part in the revolution.

Google Increases US Search Dominance

Rivals Yahoo and Microsoft eat dirt as Google continues to dominate the US search market.