Archive for April, 2004

USB Key Concert Recordings from eMusic Live

Instantly available CD-Rs of live recordings are too 20th century. Upload the gig straight onto your USB memory key. After all, you were going to rip the CD anyway.

FCC Requires Firewire in Set-top Boxes

The Federal Communications Commission now requires that all set-top box providers give Firewire-enabled units to any customer that asks for one.

RIAA Starts New Wave of Lawsuits

The Recording Industry Association of America has launched another 477 lawsuits against allegded file swappers.

Google Goes For US$2.7 billion (€2.26 billion) IPO

The rurmours have been flying for a while, now the search-engine leader confirms it intends to go public, but no date set yet.

Bringing the School into the Home via Broadband

A unique partnership between a school and a broadband entertainment provider is engaging pupils and providing new ways to learn.

New Version of iTunes Released

We look at the new features in today’s iTunes update.

European Anti-spam Laws Useless

A report from the University of Amsterdam states what we already know: EU legislation will have no effect because most of our spam comes from further afield.

Elonex’s Wall-mounted Media Centre PC

The eXtentia just needs a power cable and an aerial and you’re off.

Band, Super Smart, Release Ringtone Album

German band Super Smart have brought out an entire album as polyphonic mobile phone ringtones, in an attempt to “rethink the music industry”.

Lego Billund Introduces WiFi Child Tracking

“Kidspotter” is a new service that will enable parents to find their child if they go missing in the park.