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Microsoft Announce Partners for Portable Media Centers (nee Media2Go)

Portable devices able to play video, music and photos are currently available to consumers. Microsoft have been making mutterings about the area but have now made their intentions clearer by formalising a new name for them and announcing design partners.

Over 1m Bluetooth Units Shipping a Week

Just as Bluetooth is celebrating becoming mass market and hitting one million units a week, the legitimate manufacturers are starting to tackle the rise of counterfeit products.

FCC Win Appeal for Digital TV by 2007

The US Consumer Electronics Association took action against the Federal Communications Commission to stop them forcing all TV’s sold in the US to be equipped to receive both digital and analogue signals by 2007. Yesterday they lost their appeal.

Dell Announce their iPod Rivals

In line with many other computer companies, Dell have launched their first portable hard disk-based music player. We explore the features.

TI Wins Emmy Award for DLP

DLP enables the digital manipulation of light and is central to Digital Cinema projects. Texas Instruments has now won an award for the use of DLP in rear-projection TV’s (PJTV).

Cox to Offer DVR Rental to 650k Arizona Homes

US cable company, Cox Communications, will offer dual tuner DVR to its Arizonan digital cable customers for a monthly fee with no upfront cost.

Sony Launch Compact 5 mega pixel Camera

Addressing a number of common complaints with digital cameras, Sony release the Cybershot DSC-T1, a compact 5 mega pixel camera.

Home HiFi Unit Enables Online Music Purchase

Four major Japanese HiFi makers have joined together to develop a Linux-based music player that can buy content from online music services. Yesterday they showed their work.

Apple iTunes v2 – New Features Analysed

In addition to the support for Windows, Apple iTunes has a number of new, innovative features. We cover them and discuss their long term implications.

New LGE Mobile Phone Includes 1.1 Mega Pixel Camera

LG Electronics latest mobile phone packs a punch – PDA, mega pixel camera and can record one hour of video.