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Nokia 5140i: Mobile For Fitness Enthusiasts

New Nokia 5140i sports phone offers training aids for jogging, running and cycling types.

Orange Launches Europe’s First Advanced Push to Talk Service

Talk Now allows easy access instant one-to-one and group calling with a common interface.

CeBIT: Unless Vendors Work Together, Push-to-Talk is Dead in the Water

Competing standards are threatening to kill PoC before it has even properly started.

Nokia and Samsung Work Together on Push to Talk

PoC is being pushed by Nokia and they have now signed Samsung up to join the fold.

MovieLink Offer Re-rental

MovieLink customer can now re-watch films up to 30 days after original rental, for a reduced fee.

Oscar Voter Accused of Film Leak

Since concerns of Oscar voters leaking their recordings of the films to file sharing networks last year, there has been some changes in their release. This year they think they have identified a leak this year.

Apple Launch iPod Mini

Sometimes rumours come true. Steve Jobs announced Apple’s iPod mini at Macworld, capable of holding 1,000 songs and shockingly for an iPod comes in more colours than just white.