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BT Announces First Fibre Link Exchanges

Are you lucky enough to be on the high speed list?

UK Fibre Optic Broadband Network Could Cost £30bn

Super fast optic network will cost Brits a pretty penny or two.

Ofcom Gives BT OK For Ebbsfleet Fibre Trial Line Rental Discounts

Ofcom are altering the very grandly named, “Universal Service Condition 1,” to let BT provide discounted connections to people on their Ebbsfleet Fibre optic trial, which plans to provide network connections of up to 100Mbps.

H2O Networks: Fibre Though The Sewer

H2O Networks, of Merseyside UK, have got an interesting idea for providing high speed Internet access to homes and businesses – by running fibre optic cables through the sewer. This apparently initially grubby idea isn’t new – we first wrote about the concept back in December 2001, when a company called CityNet was talking about [...]