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Channel 4: Careful, You’re Damaging Trust

Channel 4: Careful, You're Damaging TrustWhy are Channel 4 damaging the trust they need to have with their viewers – and all over Big Brother? Give us a Big Break.

‘The IT Crowd’ Comedy Premiers Online: Channel 4 First

In a first for a UK terrestrial broadcaster, Channel 4 premieres new series on the Internet, before its TV showing.

BBC Spooks Dares to Combine Drama and Interactivity

Many feel that words “TV drama” and “interactivity” have no place in the same sentence unless “don’t do” also appear. Heidi Jacoby-Ackland looks into how the BBC is try to change that with the third series of Spooks.

Roobarb and Custard in the 21st Century

After-school animated heroes Roobarb and Custard will be back on our screens, with hand-drawn animation faithful to the original.

Dan and Dusty – an Unlikely Example of TV Interactivity

Music, puppets and drunk yoof with mobiles – it’s got revenue SMS’d all over it.

BBC Fightbox Review – The Creation of a New Genre?

Fightbox is the BBC’s new computer-graphics-meet-humans TV show that premiered on Monday.

A true cross-platform creation – initially released as PC software, to allow the audience to create the characters and automate the elimination rounds, it is now a TV show and next it will be moving to a pay-for computer game.

The BBC have provided a tool kit for a TV show enabling the contenstants to provide most of the content. Heidi Jacoby-Ackland follows up on her preview by reviewing the results.

Preview: BBC FightBox – Let the Fighting Commence

Program your Tivo now. Fightbox, the BBC’s new cross-platform interactive programme, is coming to a TV near you. Robot Wars meets The Sims-on-performance-enhancing-drugs, the BBC publicity machine is very keen to emphasise that Fightbox is a TV first. What, exactly, is Fightbox though? Is it the logical future of entertainment? …

Review – BBC Time Commanders

A Great Idea Poorly Executed