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Free Link Popularity Site: Are You A Gorilla Or A Mere Contender?

Check out the popularity of your site – and that of your rivals – with Marketleap’s nifty free online tool.

Google Serves Up SketchUp Freebie

Free program lets users create 3D models of their garden shed – and then upload it onto Google Earth.

Exilim Zoom EX-Z1000: Casio’s Ten Mpx Camera

Pixel peekers rejoice as Casio goes turbo with the resolution, but it will still fit in your pocket.

Spam Filters Force Mark Steyn Into A Surprising Place

Spam filters cause problems with newspaper copy delivery at the Guardian – and the story just won’t go away.

Agendus For Palm OS: Review (94%)

Fast, powerful and intuitive. It’s the best PIM application we’ve used on any platform. You can’t say better than that.

PayPal Mobile: Buy Stuff From Your Phone

Buying stuff online is so, like, uncool now that m-commerce lets you empty your bank balance from your mobile.

UK SMS Record In March 2006

March 2006 has hit the dizzy heights of enter the Guinness Book of Texting Records … well for at least a month it will.

Kodak Announces World’s Smallest 10X Optical Zoom Digital Camera

Bluetooth-enabled Kodak uses smartypants twin-lens technology to serve up a beefy zoom range.

Bejeweled/2 Review: For Palm, Pocket PC and Windows Mobile (93%)

Kiss goodbye to any hope of mobile productivity with these addictive games. They’re serious time viruses.

Toshiba Dynabook TX FIFA World Cup Edition: Beyond Bling

With more gold than J Lo and 50 Cent on a date, Toshiba go ballistic with da bling.