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$100 PC Touted by Negroponte for Developing World

Cheap as chips laptop running Linux could be ready within 18 months. Aims to Shakeup Music Downloads

Stelios, the serial UK entrepreneur, wants to cut the cost of online music. Will the music companies co-operate?

HP Blur Photos with Camera Privacy Patent

With the ability to take photo’s with nearly every device, privacy issues arise. HP Labs have planned for this and patented a privacy solution.

eContentplus €149m Digital Content Fund Get EU OK

European Parliament votes in favour of plans to boost digital content market, sets new €149m budget.

Tim Berners-Lee Wins Greatest Briton Award

Inventor of the Web, Tim Berners-Lee receives another well-deserved award, for his innovation and generosity to society.

HomeChoice VoD Hits 15,000 Subs, Reach Doubles to 2.4m

HomeChoice subscriptions hit 15,000 and they double their reach to 2.4m homes.

RAJAR: UK Internet Radio Listening Increases, Again

UK Public use of the Internet to listen to radio is up again … on the same day that the BBC releases their new RadioPlayer.

Real Networks Results, Sales Up but No Profit

Real have reported positive financial results including doubling ad-supported revenues, but are still not in profit.

Wireless Headphones Possible with Aura’s NFC LibertyLink LL888

Could Near Field Communications be the solution for wireless headphones?

Video/TV Search Beta Launched By Google And Yahoo!

Internet Giants broaden their strategies of expanding search to information on and off the Web.