Archive for September, 2004

Intel Drops WiFi from Grantsdale

Price concerns force a rethink, but integrated wireless networking could go back in if the cost falls.

Overpeer Launched in Europe

Loudeye roll their P2P based anti-piracy technology out in Europe, allowing content owners to spoof tracks and block downloads.

Akimbo Showcase Internet-toTV VOD Service, Make Deal With TBS

A sneak demo for the interesting new video-on-demand service as Akimbo make a deal to acquire more content.


The Third Generation Partnership Project has selected the HE-AAC codec as the standard for music delivery.

Two Way TV Acquires Broadcast Games

Two Way Mobile will develop mobile-to-TV games and applications to help users interact with their TVs through mobile phones.

BT Doubles Bandwidth for Business Customers; Blair Promises Broadband UK 2008

The UK’s main telco doubles the bandwidth to their business customers and the PM promises broadband for everyone by 2008. If you vote him in, that is.

Toshiba Announce First 60GB Music Players

Still can’t fit all your music on your 40GB iPod? Here’s your answer.

Duke Nukem Forever Crawls Slightly Closer; New Development Tools for the PSP

Meqon are to supply the physics engine for the next Duke Nukem game, whilst SN Systems release ProDG development tools for Sony’s PSP.

Interactive TV Advertising & Enhanced TV

Day one – gives a complete overview of iTV advertising from the latest case studies in the market, and the creative and planning aspects of a campaign, to likely response rates, ROI, and the importance of the introduction of PVR’s.

Day 2 – focuses on enhanced TV starting to produce new programme formats and linking closely with reality TV programs. This is emerging as a key revenue driving potential for broadcasters, and the integration with SMS and mobile technologies will be covered.

Roobarb and Custard in the 21st Century

After-school animated heroes Roobarb and Custard will be back on our screens, with hand-drawn animation faithful to the original.