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Lower-cost Mini-iPod Rumoured

Mini-iPod’s are being rumoured for Steve Jobs keynote at Macworld Expo, 6 January 2004.

T-Mobile Launch TV to Mobile via GPRS

After working on the service since Spring, T-Mobile has launched in Germany enabling their subscribers to watch live TV on their mobile phones over GPRS.

Vodafone Knock Microsoft Phone OS

The new chief executive at Vodafone is quoted as saying he does not think Microsoft’s smartphone OS is “not quite ready for prime time.”

PSX Spec Downgraded but Still Sells Out

Sony has reduced the features and supported format of the PSX between its announcement and actual release to the public, the most confusing being its now-lacking Ethernet port. Analysts have reacted strongly against this, but the consumers appear to be lapping it up.

First Wireless Broadband Videophone Launches

D-Link has launched a standards compliant videophone that connects to a standard TV, working over a broadband wireless link.

BT Extends Radio Broadband Trial

Trials of Radio Broadband are underway in remote locations around UK and may lead to BT “filling in the gaps” in broadband coverage that ADSL leaves.

Apple Hits 25m Song Downloads

Apple is building further on their iTunes Music Store success; they’ve now reached 25m downloaded sales.

Canada OK’s P2P Music Downloads

Causing more than a little surprise, Canada’s Copyright Board has announced that downloading music from peer-to-peer networks is not wrong. They have also announced a levy on MP3 players.

First US WiFi City

Frustrated by their residents not being able to get broadband access, City officials have struck a deal with Aiirnet to provide WiFi access over the whole city.