First US WiFi City

Cerritos, a city of 51,000, 26 miles (41 kilometres south east of LA, California will be the first city in America to have complete WiFi coverage. In a deal between the Cerritos and the provider, Aiirnet, will involve Aiirnet installing transmitters all over the city, placing them on public buildings, traffic lights and other structures covering the 8.6-square-mile (22-square-kilometer) area.

The residents of the city has had problems getting broadband access as DSL doesn’t extend over the whole city and their cable service has remained analogue, so has been unable to provide Internet access.

The city authorities have agreed to purchase sixty access accounts for some of their field-working employees. Residents who want access will have to pay $34.95/month.

The City of Fredericton in Canada announced back in November that it would be offering a similar service to its 81,000 residents, but being Canada, access will be free.

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