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No Shock from Survey – The Buying Public Think CDs are Too Expensive

A recent phone poll of music buyer in the US has shown 89% thought music CDs were too expensive, no huge surprise there. The interest is in the detail of what they felt was reasonable pricing and in particular the views of those who had downloaded music.

Hulk Up-loader Receives Six Months Sentence and Fines

What probably seemed like a good idea at the time – uploading a digitised version of a pre-release version of The Hulk to the Internet – turned out be be anything but, as Kerry Gonzalez ends up getting getting sentenced.

Nintendo to Launch Wireless Game Boy Adaptor

Working closely with Motorola, Nintendo will launch a wireless games adaptor in early 2004 to enable up to five people to battle it out.

Marc Cuban and Todd Wagner Buy US Art-house Cinema Chain

Digital Cinema has long held a promise and with the purchase of Landmark Theatres, media owners, Marc Cuban and Todd Wagner could be the mavericks to trigger the film industry into action.

Xbox Japan employs well know Japanese games figure

In the pursuit of gaining credibility in Japan, Microsoft are bring ex-Squaresoft COO, Yoshihiro Maruyama, on-board.

Gateway Becomes Top US Seller of Plasma TVs

Gateway has performed an impressive diversification from PC only sales to become the highest seller of plasma screen TVs in the US.

Micro MP3 Roundup

The iPod isn’t the only MP3 player out there – there are some great flash memory-based players which will play a couple of hours of your favourite tunes and they have advantages over that 40gb brick.

Memory Stick Video Recorder

Sony have launched a $300 device that records off-air video on its own tuner to Memory Stick media – more than 16 hours on a 1gb stick.

Price of Standalone, Additional Hard Drive Storage Starts to Reduce

The XiMeta NetDisk is moving towards a mass market price for easy to add hard drive storage that connects via Ethernet or USB.

New UK Channel in Pipeline

Channel 4 will launch a new free to air TV channel aimed at viewers aged 30+, with a working title of “More4″.