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ofcomwatch – blogging the uk’s media and communications regulator

Currently comprehensive coverage of OFCOM and the UK Communication Bill.

Heavyweights form the Digital Home Working Group

Many of the major Consumer Electronics companies are getting together to create standards.

Apple iTunes – 5m tracks sold

In the first two months, five million tracks have been sold.

Xbox2 reports incorrect

Oops, the Japanese newspaper that claimed Xbox2 would becoming out in 2006 issue a retraction.

DVDs rentals outstrip VHS tapes in the US

Predictably, US renters have switched their allegiance to DVD.

Xbox2 – penciled for 2006?

Comments by Steve Ballmer made in Japan about the released date of the Xbox2 were later not supported by MS PR.

Sony act to protect downloaded movies

Sony is planning to bring some simple, time-limited protection to their downloadable films.

RealNetworks motherboard deal with Intel

Real to bundle their player with some new Intel motherboards.

Goodbye BT Openworld, hello BT Yahoo

BT Openworld to morph into BT Yahoo

Scottish and Southern Energy powerline broadband trials

Scottish and Southern Energy are starting a 15,000 home trial that provides broadband access with the mains power supply.