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Royal College of Art Interviews Next Week

We spent a thoroughly stimulating day at the press opening of the Royal College of Art yesterday for their end of year show. What was shown tickled the brain but many of the conversations explored ideas beyond those addressed by what was on offer. We’ll be concentrating on just the RCA interviews next week, so [...]

RM Gets HP 2133 Mini-Note PC On UK Education Exclusive

English computing stalwarts, RM announced that they have the exclusive contract to distribute new HP 2133 Mini-Note PC to schools, colleges and universities in the UK. A mere day before, HP global had announced the machine would be sold into education.

Unlimited Learning Report: Video Games In Learning Released

It’s a school boys dream, as a report validates the use of video games in education.

Mobile Devices To Dominate: EIEF06

Computing as you know it will have changed radically by the end of the decade, Graham Brown-Martin would like to show you how.

One Laptop Per Child Programme Claims 4 Million Orders

Ambitious programme to give a free laptop to every child comes close to reality as four countries commit.

Symbian Academy Launches: Free Teaching Aids For Universities

How do you get cash strapped universities to teach programming skills in your operating system? Give them all of the teaching materials. Smart.

Pearson To Develop iPod Educational Material

Parents reach for their wallets as their children scream, “I wanna iPod … it’s for my edukashon!”

One Laptop per Child: The Machine, The Impact

A great event occurred yesterday – the first showing of the $100 One Laptop per Child. This is a project that is attempting to use technology to change the world for the better.

Ravensbourne College Publish Course Under Creative Commons

London media college launches a School of Computing for the Creative Industries .. but under a Creative Commons licence.

Islington’s Free Wi-Fi ‘Technology Mile’ Goes Live

London’s largest wireless hotzone goes live as Islington gets connected with free Wi-Fi.