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Twitter Ban: Plymouth Council Bans Councillors From Twitter: UPDATED

The Chief Executive of Plymouth Council has banned elected local councillors from using Twitter. This incredible news has come to light the day after many witnessed MPs Tweeting live from UK Parliament while the selection of the next Speaker of the House.

Media140 To Go “Around the World in 140 Days”

The Media 140 conference held back in May in London was an excellent event. It brought together Twitter users, journalists, people from the PR world and others interested in what the possible effected of Twitter might be. It was clear that the event had legs.

Is Twitter Over-Hyped?

Research cast doubts on the real popularity of the IM service.

Twitter Introduces Advertising

For a looooong time people have been wondering quite how Twitter is going to make money from this beast of a product that they have. Looks like they’ve taken the plunge into advertising. Today I logged on with a new account that I created yesterday, to see an advert placed in on the upper right [...]