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Microsoft Media Player-free Windows in Europe from January

After this ruling, does Europe now have the ability to decide what is bundled with Windows in the future? Possibly, but it doesn’t appear to touch PDA or smartphone versions.

Cellular Phone Emissions Damage DNA, Study Finds

There have been a number of investigations over the years to try to discover if mobile phone emissions cause harm. This latest claims damage is done to DNA strands. Will the landline have a come back? closed in MPAA, BitTorrent Action

The heat goes up on BitTorrent and associated sites. We hope the MPAA are also seeing the opportunities this technology brings.

BT Wholesales 4m ADSL Connections

The headline figures sound good – a million DSL connections in three month. Will BT continue to be so strong with meaningful competition?

Podcasting Primed, BBC Radio MP3 download success

Postcasting is hitting the mainstream after much discussion in the blog world. Now BBC Radio are benefiting for considerable downloads from it.

RAJAR defeat TWG Audience Court Case

The row between Kelvin MacKenzie’s The Wireless Group and RAJAR has been long running and high profile. Today a judge has ruled against TWG.

Creative Archive Gathers English MP support

Good news that the BBC Creative Archive is begin mentioned in the Culture, Media and Sport Committee report on “A public BBC.” We’re just not sure why DRM is mentioned in the same sentence.

Apple iTunes passes 200m tracks – And?

iTunes figure officially pass into the “so what” category.

Nintendo DS Media Adaptor soon

In what looks like a game of catch-up, Nintendo will launch an adaptor in Japan to play video and music for their handheld game consoles … just like Sony’s PSP.

BlackBerry Patent Case Swings Away from RIM to NTP

The patent dispute between NTP and RIM has been ongoing for years. The latest chapter finds for NTP.