Apple iTunes passes 200m tracks – And?

OK … Apple has had over 200m tracks paid for and downloaded on Apple iTMS. Yes, it’s been a success, but now it’s getting a bit like the passing of time. You don’t often hear, Hold the front page, it’s December … we must tell the world.

Do you know what? The download was part of “The Complete U2”. How very fortunate for the recent US/Apple iPod deal. Did they have a little piece of code running on the server that selected what that 200mth track would be?

Oh and the other thing. Apple aren’t announcing when this occurred … just the fact that it has happened.

We’re nearly sure that the timing of this announcement has nothing to do with Christmas being next week, but Apple also very helpfully point out that the iTunes gift vouchers make ideal xmas presents.

So what’s the next landmark? We’re running sweepstakes on whether it’ll be the quarter billion, 300m, or half billion. Our recommendation? Don’t bother until it gets to 1 billion.