Nintendo DS Media Adaptor soon

Soon Japanese owners of the Nintendo DS (Dual Screen), their latest handheld console, and GameBoy Advance SP will be able to play music and video with a new adaptor on their pocket marvels.

It’ll be available from February and costs 5000 yen (~$48, ~€36, ~£24). But non-Japan dwellers shouldn’t get too excited, Nintendo are saying that they don’t have any current plans to sell it outside Japan.

The DS has sold well and Nintendo hope to sell 2.5m DS’s by the end of 2004.

The reasoning for the adaptor is paper-thin. Sony’s PSP (PlayStation Portable) became available to buy in Japan last Saturday, and guess what? It has these features too.

Nintendo may hit problems when potential purchasers compare the two; there will be no difference in price between buying just the PSP vs. the DS & its media adaptor; it’s likely that when put together the DS bundle will be more bulky than the PSP alone.