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Secure DVD Players for BAFTA Judges

In a bid to prevent piracy, Cinea will be distributing its secure DVD players to judges ensure that screener disks don’t get copied.

iMac G5 – World’s Thinnest Desktop Computer

Apple, usually content with “World’s fastest”, “World’s Most Beautiful” or “World’s Most Easily Scratched” go for “Thinnest”, just for a change.

Intel’s New Transistor Technology

Chip manufacturer Intel has announced that they have produced a circuit with 35 nanometer transistors.

ITV’s Digital Plans

Chief executive Charles Allen says ITV is to launch more digital channels, and is in talks with BBC Worldwide to acquire UKTV’s services.

Ashley Highfield, BBC – The IBC Digital Lifestyles Interviews

This is the sixth in a series of eight articles with some of the people involved with the Digital Lifestyles conference day at IBC2004. We interviewed Ashley Highfield, Director of New Media & Technology and the BBC on the need to make content easily available to the public, and the platforms they might use to obtain it.

HP Unveils HP-iPod, More Gadgets

Hewlett Packard will be unveiling its line of consumer electronics, including TVs, today.

Half-Life 2 Preloading Via Steam

Valve’s innovative distribution method means that gamers can down load Half-Life 2 – but not play it until the release date.

World Cyber Games UK Qualifiers

The UK Qualifiers for the World Cyber Games will be held at i21 on the August bank holiday weekend. With more than 600 gamers paid up to attend this is going to be the gaming event of the summer!

The games which the UK is putting forward players for this year are as follows:

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (PC)
Unreal Tournament 2004 (PC)
Warcraft III: Frozen Throne (PC)
Project Gotham Racing 2 (XBOX)

Currently the largest LAN gaming event in the UK. Featuring several hundred gamers from all over the UK and abroad, they bring together like-minded people in a social and fun atmosphere. You experience games as they were meant to be played over our high speed Local Area Network (LAN), at the UK’s premier LAN party!

Channel 4 Planning a Digital Radio Station with UBC Media

The UK’s Channel 4 has signed a deal with UBC to develop a digital talk radio station.

Hollyoaks on the Pull

Sunday afternoon hangover favourite Hollyoaks is using mobile media messaging to find actors and extend story lines.