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Apple Describes Harmony as a Crude Hack, Hits Back with DMCA

By striking out a RealNetwork’s new program, Apple are in danger of appearing anti-consumer.

Manhunt Pulled from Stores After Murder

A 17 year old boy kills a 14 year old over an unpaid drug debt, the murdered child’s parents blame Rockstar’s 18-rated game.

BT Offer a VoIP Service With Some Savings

The UK’s biggest telecoms company finally sees the point of voice over IP – cheaper calls.

RIAA Wins Over ISPs

The Recording Industry Association of America has won a legal victory which requires ISPs to hand over details of subscribers downloading music through P2P services.

Ken Rutkowski – the IBC Digital Lifestyles Interviews

The second in a series of eight articles with some of the people involved with the Digital Lifestyles conference day at IBC2004, we interviewed Ken Rutkowski, the force behind Ken Radio, on the media platforms available to today’s consumers, and what’s exciting him.

Microsoft’s Anti-virus Service – New Details

An executive at Microsoft’s French operation has divulged fresh information about their forthcoming anti-virus solution.

UK Digital Switch-over to Cost UK£1 billion

After a series of meetings, the UK’s four broadcasters have presented Tessa Jowell with the back of an envelope with UK£1 billion (€1.5 billion) written on it.

EPG News

In the same week that Ofcom told EPG publishers to make channel criteria public, an Australian company unveils a system that will remove adverts from digital broadcasts.

ATI’s New Mobile Graphics Chip

The Radeon Mobility 9800 is actually based on the X800.

Microsoft’s Newsbot

Microsoft expand their Newsbot trial outside Europe to challenge Google News.