Archive for August, 2003

Using CDMA as an home network connection

Proving a cellular connection can be shared around a home network and act as an alternative to a broadband – all be it a slower one

RIAA expose Fingerprint tactics for catching music sharers

Court papers filed against a Brooklyn woman reveal some of the the tactics employed by the music industry to catch music file sharers. The case will also throw up some answered questions

Nokia first next gen wireless data call – peaking at ~3Mbps

Early stages, but showing mobile high bandwidth promise – Nokia take the first steps

New DVD copying software to ship with DVD burner

Potentially controversial DVD copying software by Redxpress is to be released and shipped with some DVD burners

Business Week analysis of the video gaming market

Business Week enthuse about the current and future market for video games

Greg Dyke – All BBC Radio and TV content to be made available online

In a bold move, Greg Dyke announced that all BBC Radio and TV content will be made available to the public on-line, in the BBC Creative Archive.

Rio show two interesting portable music players

Rising from the ashes of the old SonicBlue, two portable Rio music players have their own unique features

Four Canadian WISP’s to enable roaming

In what some see as the future of the WiFi service provider industry, Canadian companies announce roaming agreements

WiFi service providers should co-operate not compete, says Broadreach Networks chief

The Register interviews Magnus McEwen-King, chief exec of Broadreach Networks about the future of WiFi access

Nokia buy Sega’s Mobile gaming unit

In a serious move to bring the Nokia N-Gage forward as a multi-player mobile gaming platform, Nokia buy Sega Network Applications Package, SNAP. They’ll gain a huge amount of knowledgeable from Sega expertise in this area as well as tempt games developers to move to their platform.