Greg Dyke – All BBC Radio and TV content to be made available online

It is great to see the BBC leading the world again with Greg Dyke, director general of the BBC, announcing at the Edinburgh TV Festival that they plan to make all of their Radio and TV content available on the Internet for public consumption. It will be called the BBC Creative Archive.

Referring to it as a “second phase” for the corporation, he said he felt the new online service was part of the corporation’s future.

He is quoted as saying “I believe that we are about to move into a second phase of the digital revolution, a phase which will be more about public than private value; about free, not pay services; about inclusivity, not exclusion.

“In particular, it will be about how public money can be combined with new digital technologies to transform everyone’s lives.”

These comments make the keynote speech by Ashley Highfield, who is in charge of all things digital at the BBC, at the International Broadcast Convention (IBC) this year, all the more compelling.

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[Disclosure –’s publisher, Simon Perry, was asked by IBC to be the executive producer of the Digital Lifestyles conference theme this year]