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SureFlap Review: The RFID Catflap

SureFlap utilises the RFID in your cats neck as the key to open their cat flap.

Touchatag: An RFID Special

Touchatag (formerly Tikitags) are small (about 1 inch square) RFID tags. The Touchatag starter kit comes with a USB Touchatag reader and 10 Touchatags. The reader will read the tags from about 1 inch.

RFID: Government Too Shambolic To Spy

Guy elegantly outlines why we shouldn’t over estimate the ability of the government to organise all of the information that RFID will deliver. Are you convinced?

RFID’s Are Go: Ofcom Extends UK Frequency Range

UK business will be pleased about the UHF RFID frequency range being extended, but it’s unclear what the benefits to the public are. Isn’t that who Ofcom are supposed to represent?

Viagra to Use RFID to Highlight Fakes

Pfizer are planning to use RFID, so purchasers can tell real from fake.

QUICPay Using RFID in Tokyo Taxi Payment Trial

Fancy emptying your wallet of all those annoying credit cards and using your mobile phone to pay your taxi fare or your grocery bill? JCB is trailing a RFID system called QUICPay in Tokyo.