Royal College of Art Interviews Next Week

Royal College of Art Interview Next WeekWe spent a thoroughly stimulating day at the press opening of the Royal College of Art yesterday for their end of year show.

What was shown tickled the brain but many of the conversations explored ideas beyond those addressed by what was on offer.

We’ll be concentrating on just the RCA interviews next week, so be sure to tune back. It will be well worth it.

PCW Magazine Closes: End Of An Era: UPDATED

PCW Magazine Closes: End Of An EraA piece of UK computing history has fallen by the wayside today.

It is with great sadness that we heard that PCW, Personal Computer World magazine is to close.

This magazine defined UK home computing during the ’80s.

Launching as a self-build hobbyest title in 1978, it soon adapted to what were then called micro-computers – Sinclair’s ZX80, BBC micro, etc.

We’re talking early days here, when “What sort of sort” routine you should use was a heavily debated subject and a computer getting colour graphics was front cover news.

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Virgin 3G Dongle: Mobile Broadband Review

Virgin 3G Dongle Review3G data dongles are all over the place these days.

Virgin’s is manufactured by Huawei (who seem to be the vendor of choice for 3G dongles), it’s actually a Huawei E160, (background on Huawei) for those that care.

It’s a USB stick which plugs into any spare USB port. When plugged in, as well as being a 3G dongle, it appears to the operating system as as CD as well which contains the software to drive the dongle.

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