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Cellular Cinema

Dust off that old promo you did – the world’s first cellular film festival is here.

NAB: HP Partnering to Develop Digital Media Platform

With partnerships with Dreamworks, Warner Brothers and more, Hewlett-Packard is promoting the Digital Media Platform to simplify production and reduce costs.

New Desktop HD Editing Solutions

Apple and Adobe announce new HD editing packages – this rapid uptake of HD support means producers can now buy a professional HD desktop system for under $5000 (€4144).

TI Wins Emmy Award for DLP

DLP enables the digital manipulation of light and is central to Digital Cinema projects. Texas Instruments has now won an award for the use of DLP in rear-projection TV’s (PJTV).

Marc Cuban and Todd Wagner Buy US Art-house Cinema Chain

Digital Cinema has long held a promise and with the purchase of Landmark Theatres, media owners, Marc Cuban and Todd Wagner could be the mavericks to trigger the film industry into action.

IBM Makes d-Cinema Moves

IBM have made a move to become involved with digital cinema (otherwise known as e-cinema or d-cinema) partnering with Kodak and bringing the operating system (OS) to the party. There’s been an underground excitement about d-cinema for a couple of years now but it’s been hampered by both the cost of the equipment and primarily by the industries inability to decide who should pay for the equipment.