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Paula Le Dieu on Providing The Fuel for a Creative Nation: With Joint Director of the BBC Creative Archive

As a follow up to our piece on the Creative Commons licensing of the BBC’s Creative Archive, we were fortunate to get an interview with Paula Le Dieu, Joint Director on the BBC Creative Archive project.

Media Center Xbox 2 On the Cards?

Microsoft may be looking to bring out a version of Xbox Next that borrows a few ideas from Sony’s PSX home media centre.

BT to Offer Itemised Broadband Bills

The UK telecoms company will be offering bills detailing time spent on line and bandwidth to its wholesale customers. 100 Music Stores and Climbing

The music industry’s downloading education site, has celebrates its first birthday with a directory of legal music sites.

California Approves “Anti-GMail” Bill

The California state senate has approved a bill that places restrictions on ISPs who scan customer emails.

International Workshop On Saving Energy In Set-Top Boxes

The International Energy Agency is pleased to host a workshop examining the energy efficiency of set-top boxes – the term used to describe a wide range of products that allow televisions to receive digital broadcast signals, connect to the internet, or perform a host of other multi-media functions.

Napster Canada Launches

Just a couple of days behind Napster UK, hits the web. It’s considerably cheaper that the UK one too – don’t these people think we have access to the internet?

N-Gage QD Ships

Nokia’s revision to its N-Gage mobile games platform, the QD has begun shipping.

Intel’s New Approach to Selling Chips

Rather than focussing on processor speeds and cache sizes, Intel will be marketing the benefits and features of its PC chip sets, like the forthcoming Grantsdale.

Music Price Wars – But What About Ringtones?

Aside from Napster, prices for downloaded tunes are falling – except for ringtones. Is it because they’re annoying? Or are you just being fleeced?