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TiVo name a new president

TiVo has named Martin Yudkovitz as president. Previously he was at NBC for twenty years and leaves there as an executive vice president, so they’re clearly hoping that his address book will help them gain further acceptance with the US broadcasters.”Yudkovitz will be responsible for driving deployment of TiVo through satellite, cable and advertising partnerships. Tivo said he will also focus on helping television networks and other content makers develop paid programming for its DVR service.”

Apple Announce iTunes Online and New iPods

As previously rumoured, Apple announced two music-related products yesterday – the new iPod’s and their iTunes Music Store service. The iPod is essentially an upgraded, thinner version of the current machine that holds up to 30GB. It comes with a new docking cradle and the same unit will work on both Mac and Windows (later in the year).

Moves afoot in electronic music distribution

Real Networks have announced its intention to acquire for around $36m in cash ($17.3m) and stock. They’re gaining the music assets (they have around 320k tracks on their service), their technology, subscribers (however there may be) and openings to their distribution agreements with a network of more than fifteen companies.

Update: XBox Live progress

It’s been a little over a month since Microsoft launched Xbox Live in Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom) and they have now reached 50,000 units.

D&M buy ReplayTV and Rio Assets

D&M Holdings Inc. who are Denon and Marantz have been successful in their purchase of both the ReplayTV and Rio business units from SonicBlue.

Blue-laser DVD recorder on sale in Japan

Sony started selling the first blue-laser DVD recorder, the BDZ-S77, in Japan on 10 April at a cost of ¥450,000 ($3,760/£2,380).

PS2 DVD update

Sony is planning to release an upgraded version of the PlayStation2 in Japan on 15 May, increasing its DVD playback capability.

Apple May Buy Universal Music (Update:Hoax)

Major, major, major news if it’s true. The LA Times and others are reporting that Apple computers have been in discussion with Universal for several months and plan to make a $6Bn offer to the Vivendi at their board meeting on 29 April. Universal accounts for about 1/4 of all CD sales and is the biggest player in 63 territories around the World. As The Register points out, there may be some complications as Apple reached an out-of-court agreement with Apple Corp. (the Beatles music label) not to enter in the music business in 1990.

BBC do synchronised media as it should be done

I noticed today that the UK BBC has a broadband offering available at The site looks like it may still be in testing, as it’s pretty confusing with a lot of ‘click here’ text and quite a few links that don’t lead anywhere useful.

Download free music – legitimately

OD2 are running another “Digital Download Day” which confusingly runs from today, 9th April 2003 until 15th April. Users signing up for it will be given £3, 5 Euro or $5.33 credit to download or listen to 150,000 songs that will be available from all five major labels – Sony, Warner Music, EMI, Universal Music and BMG.